Argus Labs CEO Advocates for Advancement in Crypto Gaming Beyond Mere Collectibles

Argus Labs CEO Advocates for Advancement in Crypto Gaming Beyond Mere Collectibles
Argus Labs CEO Advocates for Advancement in Crypto Gaming Beyond Mere Collectibles
Image Source: BlockWorks

By Jack, Sep 14, 2023, 12:04 PM

The roadmap for Web3 gaming appears to be gradually taking shape, but according to Scott Sunarto, the Founder and CEO of Argus Labs, the space is still too immature to anticipate the entry of AAA games. Speaking at the Blockworks Permissionless II conference in Austin, Texas, Sunarto pointed out that the rapid evolution of crypto infrastructure and the ever-changing “zeitgeist of crypto” on one- or two-year timelines make most gaming companies favor rapid development and deployment.

Sunarto emphasized the need for developers and investors to adopt a more critical approach when determining the types of games to create and development strategies to pursue. He argued that the crypto gaming market is still in its infancy and not yet prepared for the extended development cycles characteristic of AAA games.

One of Sunarto’s key observations was that many developers tend to blame a game’s shortcomings on infrastructure or distribution issues. However, in reality, he noted that numerous developers are creating “skeuomorphic” games, essentially replicating Web2 games and adding NFTs on top of them. This approach, according to Sunarto, hampers their ability to compete with successful Web2 games, as gamers often point out that these games lack the intellectual property and offer gameplay that is nearly identical to existing titles.

Sunarto expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with individuals who have found innovative ways to leverage crypto to enhance games beyond mere collectibles. He highlighted the importance of experimenting with crypto-native design and introducing unique game mechanics to captivate players.

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Moreover, Sunarto suggested that attention should shift towards crypto gaming infrastructure that enables the integration of distinctive Web3 features not achievable in traditional games. He stressed that the current market is saturated with numerous clones and low-effort games, signaling the need for a more innovative and distinctive approach.

Sunarto has stressed that the “next billion” gamers have higher expectations for the gaming experience in the crypto space. According to him, if we intend to assert that crypto can truly enhance gaming, we must demonstrate how it goes beyond the mere inclusion of additional NFTs.

He argues that the mere ownership of in-game assets is insufficient to make a Web3 game uniquely attractive. What sets Web3 gaming apart is the community’s evolving behaviors stemming from this ownership.

Sunarto emphasizes that ownership becomes meaningful when it’s accompanied by elements like interoperability and composability. He draws a distinction between owning items in the Steam Marketplace and doing so on the blockchain. On the blockchain, users can freely extract their game assets and utilize them across various protocols without any hindrance.

Taking this concept further, he envisions a scenario where more aspects of the game can be integrated into the blockchain, allowing for emergent behavior in the design space. In other words, by expanding the influence of blockchain technology to various facets of the gaming experience, developers can enable novel and unexpected interactions among players, making the gaming environment truly distinct and captivating.

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